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Kafka's Dillemma

Kafka's Dillemma
Franz Kafka never bothered much to make his work known. At the time of his death, he
left instructions to his then lover, Dora Diamant, to destroy everything he had left to her.
Max Brod had received the same instruction at a certain point (he was his literary
executor), but had decided not to go ahead with the destruction of the manuscripts. Both
had previously spoken about it while Kafka was alive, and Brod had made it no secret
that he did not intend to carry out, what he considered an unnecessary action.
Now, given this information, the following question comes to mind: Why, if Kafka was
so intent on destroying his work, would he not have gone about it more efficiently before
falling ill?
That Kafka failed to destroy his work before he was dead makes no sense, especially
after having spoken about it with his friend – Brod who
held most of his manuscripts at
the time. Kafka’s intentions were more than clear. However, Brod had clearly told Kafka
that he had no intention of disposing the manuscripts – so maybe it was Brod who
rightfully preserved his work.
Individuals seem to promote their creativity through their own original work, then once
they're gone, they may want it all for themselves, to consequently leave no remnant of
their existence on this earth, except for emotions and lasting memories.
Why would this be so? Is there always a motive behind people's creativity? Do architects
design buildings just to be remembered by them, or are they simply "doing their job"?
Are actors most joyful when their audiences applaud their work, or are they just happy to
"practice their craft"? There seems to be a thin line between the promotion of one's own
creative talent and the craving for attention and acknowledgment.
I would consider it most foolish to pass judgment on Franz Kafka's intentions, and if it is
the case I have done so already, I apologize. However, the question still remains: What
drives some people to keep their work hidden, secret, and only exposed to those they
trust, while others simply shout it to the world, as if saying "Look at me! Look at me!"?
Kafka did share his writings with his friends; he even read the short stories aloud during
from time to time. But he was also supposedly suffering from social
anxiety, depression as well as other maladies, which most, were afflicting him
He also had a poor love life, or at least it seems so, since he never married (maybe he
never wanted to?) and had already left traces of a line of failed relationships. While this
proves nothing, it can lead to the hypothesis that given his personal life, he probably had
very strong motives to have wanted at the end of his life to have his whole body of work
Kafka was always his profession first, and writer second. Writing was his hobby, as it is
mine, as it is most writer's, for who can call himself a writer anymore? You write a short
story after work, maybe on the weekend, but for a living? It's hard to do.
Now, for those who want to write just to gain an audience, and some attention...unless
these penmen enjoy both writing very much and the attention that comes from it equally
as much, they are doomed to fail. Maybe not commercially, since some can pull it off,
but at no level will they succeed personally. As preachy as this may sound, shouldn't
recognition be a bonus derived from the production of one's own contributions, and not
so much the goal?
It doesn't matter if an individual wants his work destroyed; after all it is his work. What
does matter is the reason behind its production. Would it have changed Kafka's mind if
he had any idea how popular his stories would become (even though most of all were left
unfinished), or if he had overcome his depression?
It's difficult to say if Brod's actions after Kafka's death were fair to Kafka.
What is very certain is that Brod would have done a great disservice to humanity (at least
the literary world) had he followed Kafka's death wishes.


minyak tanah lebih mahal daripada bensin dan kesemuanya

minyak tanah lebih mahal daripada bensin dan kesemuanya
lebih tinggi dari harga diri bangsa indonesia

- dapet dimana?
+ "tadi di daerah sempur se-liter 11 rebu"
- "wah mahal banget, di belakang kemaren masih 9 rebu?"
++ " waduh lier euy, mau masak pake apa?...."
- " mahalan minyak tanah dari pada bensin, coba masak
bisa pake bensin?
+ " wah tadi aja ngantrinya sampe, lebih dari 2 jam,
udah gitu gha boleh lebih dari 5 liter, masak seh?
++ kemaren di pom di jual 9 rebu seliter, dan gha boleh lebih dari 2 liter
- " waduh lebih mahal minyak tanah ya dari pada bensin,
sayang masak gha bisa pake bensin.."
- Kalo pake kayu, hutannya udah gha ada.....kalo
pake gas, juga sama susah dicari dan harganya turun naik.
- kalo pake listrik, kapasitas listrik dan kompor nya g ada..
...susah deh...

petikan obrolan ibu-ibu rumah tangga bogor di depan
tukang sayur, dengan lokasi di tegal gundil bogor utara
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Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008

mba surip jadi presiden indonesia masa mendatang

Saya lebih percaya bila mbah surip menjadi presiden untuk masa kepeminpinan
presiden indonesia yang akan setelah presiden Susilo Bambang Yudoyono
di pemilu yang akan datang....indonesia akan menjadi lebih baik (mimpi kali ye?)

Saya lebih percaya apabila dia akan memimpin negara kita indonesia ini
dengan bahagia....., belum tentu lo..presiden kita indonesia terdahulu, saat
memimpin indonesia merasa bahagia seperti mba surip...,mereka (presiden) kita terdahulu akan merasa tidak senang, bila merasa kesulitan memimpin negara ini.....

Buktinya mereka, selalu ingin menjadi- dan menjadi kembali presiden,,,,
Kalo mba surip saya percaya..., ketika dia ditanya apakah mau jadi presiden
lagi, pasti jawabannya hanya hahahahahahahahahahhaha

Kalo ditanya bagaimana kondisi, keadaan terkini dan stabilitas negara kita,
pasti dia akan menjawab hahahahahahahahahhahha

Kalo ditanya bagaimana dengan hubungan negara kita dengan negara lain atau
tetangga, dia pasti ngejawab hahahahahahahahhahaha
Tentunya warga negara yang dipimpin mba surip, pasti akan merasa bahagia..hahahahah
yang penting kan rasanya...(perasaan warga..) hahahaha

Berbeda sekali dengan presiden-presiden kita terdahulu yang pasti akan menjawab
....mmmmmmmmmmmh,,,,,nah,mmmmmmmmg,,pssssssst, begini, mmjdjgnkjoiaw309ufgj3245693jwef099aw

Kalo mba surip ditanyam, apakah dia mau menjabat dan terpilih sebagai presiden
kembali pasti jawabannya adalah hahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah

Dan itu akan membuat warganya akan bahagia (hahahahahahaha)

Dan bila dia ditanya kenapa negara sekarang morat marit, pasti......
berbeda dengan pemimpin kita yang sudah-sudah, yang pasti membicarakan segala
persoalan dengan membuat kita yakin akan perkataannya, padahal dalam hati
mengelus dan akh berharap lain,,,,,mimpi kali lo ye....

bogor agust 2008

Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

kekayaan dunia, kekayaan bapak moyang mu...

kekayaan dunia, kekayaan bapak moyang mu....!

alam dan akal, pengetahuan serta pengalaman
milik semesta alam,
kekayaan intelektual milik siapa?

rebutan menjadi komoditas bagi siapa yang punya akses..
kepada yang terhormat pemimpin, kuhatur kan sembah,
menggunakan akses itu, akses adalah anugerah,

kami nyata bersedia, dimana lagi akan kami akses

bahkan oase tersebut menjadi milik saudara bule disana..
kepada siapa adalah kepentingannya, demikian juga pemimpin
kita, kepada siap teserah

kepada ku, kepada nya, kepada dia?
terserah, terserah mu aku memimpin diri sendiri..
terima kasih, menggunakan kepercayaan mereka, meski bukan ku

ku yang nyata sama dengan mu, terima kasih wahai
pemimpin, kasihan mereka tidak dapat memimpin dirinya